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This is the 21st century where majority of men and women have neglected the boy child and kept all their attention on the girl child whom they believe is so vulnerable.. Most people tend to believe that the boy child is strong and can manage on his own, that the boy child doesn’t need to be watched over and taken care of because he can take care of himself but its just a belief as I have said..

Just as the girl child, the boy child needs all the love, care, attention, protection and guidance that is given to the girl child. The boy child is also human with a heart such as everyone else, a body of flesh and mind that can be destructed. He needs guidance from childhood to a man. He needs to be taught what is right and wrong because as any other child, he can go astray depending on the environment he associates himself with.

Most times we see the boy child start getting involved in drugs and we assume that. We ignore it and just tell our selves that “he is a man, he can deal with it. He will get tired and leave the habit himself” but that is where all of us are wrong because no bad habit is meant for any gender of a child. If he is left to continue with the bad habit he will destroy his life and we as a community we’ll be answerable to that because we never played our part of guiding the boy child through the right path.

Other mistakes that we make is ignoring the hard facts that the boy child can also be taken advantage off. We believe that its only the girl child that can be raped and her mind destructed from things that matter like education. The boy child gets raped but its hard for the community to believe it and put ways to secure the child. Because they feel a man cannot be subjected to such unless its the other way around. His mind gets destructed by people who are meant to guide him and his peers as well but we shine a blind eye to that. These boys might be in school but there are other women older than them that try to buy their attention, time and dignity with money but we ignore that. Even most parents ignore the fact that the boy child has to be provided with everything enough to protect him from the preys that want to use his insufficiency of basic things to buy him with money. A boy child just like the girl child needs to be provided for, needs to be guided and also to be protected. Let’s not ignore this child because equality brings love and gender balance, respect. Be there for the boy child as well because the future is not just female, the future is fare. We need the boy child as much as we need the girl child.


An African child iam but not born in a hut like Akoko in the river and the source

A child with dark skin and a heart brighter than Gold

A child strong as an ox and fierce as a lion

I am an African child

With the community I was raised sitting in the smoky kitchens enduring the smoke like wet firewood

In the forest I would run like pokahontas just to see if there’s another world beyond the mountains

I am an African child

Like a fox I would stand out every night just to gaze at the moon and count the tiny stars

I would walk in the dark like a wild cat trying to visualize my future in the brighter world

I am an African child

Like Turok I will fight for my future, success versus success coz I believe I was born to shine

Like a tigress I will run without looking back because my future has to be brighter than my past

I am an African child

Like an elephant I will walk over the challenges that are meant to hinder my journey

Like lightning I will strike to announce my arrival

I am an African child

The strong single mother

Women are the most vulnerable and most men take advantage of them because of their easy way to love and trust…. When a woman gets pregnant and is abandoned by the man responsible, she becomes weak and so confused. She doesn’t know whether to keep the child or abort it especially when she doesn’t have a job or when she lives in a very judgemental society or family…. But when she comes to a decision to keep the child she developes the strength of a lioness. Single mothers are hardworking, selfless, tough and most loving. They go through so much for their children and they don’t let anyone mess around with their kids… The strength of a single mother can never be compared to anything else in this world because its something they developed during the challenges they face to provide for their children and to give the motherly and fatherly love to them. Sometimes they feel like giving up and other times they cry their souls out coz its too hard but they can’t run away from their children. They fall but get up again, they cry but at the end of the day they wipe those tears and tell their children, “baby, am not giving up and neither am I leaving you behind. We are going to make it together and I will be there to support you all through the way”… Being a single mum is challenging, its very difficult but they never give up on there children. That strength should always be appreciated by everyone.


Children need love, support, care and protection at all time. All this we expect from the society and most of all from the parents. But has anyone ever thought that a child can be mistreated by his/her own biological parent for reasons not known at all? Well, it does happen.

Mercy a girl born out of wedlock and abandoned by her father was left with only her maternal family and her grandmother being an amazing woman took care of her and her mother… She was really poor but hardworking and the best thing was that her uncles helped her grandmother in taking care of her…

Despite the support Mercy’s mother was getting in raising her daughter, she somehow felt bitter about being abandoned by the child’s father and dropping out of college because of the pregnancy but why the bitterness???? Was it the child’s fault???

When mercy was a few months old, her mother left for the big city to look for a job leaving her behind with her grandmother. The grandmother took care of her as if she was her biological mother. But what do you expect?, she was an angel…

Mercy’s life went on well. Grandmother took care of her, went to look for small jobs with her and they survived..

After a year her mother came back with a man whom they introduced to her as her daddy. But funny thing is that mercy was just a baby but she couldn’t come to terms with the word ‘daddy’. Even after her mother got married she couldn’t bring herself to call any of them mummy or daddy because she only understood life with her grandmother.

At that early age, the girl had already experienced a lot that wasn’t supposed to have happened. She was at one time raped by a relative living in the compound while her grandmother was away and lucky for the man, he ran away just in time before grandmother arrived. Her uncles and grandmother took her to get medical care but one thing they never knew was that mercy never forgot…

After a while she moved in with her mother in the big city and life was just okey until they got their first child…